The Nutshell


A new rehearsal, exhibition and performance space

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In a nutshell...

.Winchester has a problem.  We are a city brimming with talent and creative ideas but finding somewhere where people can gather, prepare and rehearse is a nightmare.  We just don’t have anywhere.  What we have is either unavailable, too expensive or, frankly, unsuitable, especially for children and young people.

For Noël Jones, Harriet Morris and Anna Harding this was, frankly, unacceptable.  Noël and Harriet are the driving force behind the award-winning ENCORE Youth Theatre and Discarded Nut Theatre Company and Anna is part of The Spitfire Sisters and Co-Director of Winchester Jazz Festival.

The great news is they have set about doing something about it. They went on a hunt to find a suitable building and found Winchester’s former Antique Market, and with great support from Winchester City Council, renovations have started with new flooring, plumbing and electricity.

The Nutshell now needs your help to fund set-up costs, internal structural work, decorating, essential equipment and furniture to create the space Winchester deserves.